Pancreatic Cancer Action’s comment on Samual Rae’s story

We recently heard the story of veteran poppy seller Olive Cooke who made headlines for being targeted by charities in an aggressive manner and you may remember our blog about this below.

We at Pancreatic Cancer Action are saddened and shocked to hear yet another story of aggressive methods some charities adopt to raise funds.  Dementia sufferer Samual Rae reportedly lost £35,000 after his personal details were sold and shared with other charities after he did not tick a box on a survey.

We would like to reassure all of our supporters and donors that we DO NOT use the aggressive methods that some charities have been suggested to have done in these cases.  We would like to confirm the following:

  • Pancreatic Cancer Action has never bought or sold personal data.
  • We have never shared our data with anyone else.
  • We are registered with the Information Commission and follow their strict guidelines on handling supporters data including:
    • We communicate what we are doing with your data
    • Staff are are trained on data protection
    • Use of strong passwords
    • All portable devices are encrypted
    • We only keep people’s information for as long as necessary

For more information follow the link.

We appreciate the support of all our fundraisers and will never resort to aggressive tactics in order to raise funds. If you do wish to fundraise for us or donate on a regular basis you can get in touch with us or you can follow the links. Please be assured that this is your choice!

Ali Stunt

Founder & Chief Executive