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Pancreatic Cancer Action launch new website

Almost 10,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK every year, more than one person an hour. We believe in promoting the early diagnosis of the disease, so that more patients are diagnosed in time for potentially curative surgery. We also understand that being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can be an extremely daunting time.

This is why one of our key objectives is to provide free, easy to understand and accessible information for patients, carers and families on our website and in print.

We know that a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening and bewildering time and managing symptoms, side effects and conditions that can occur as a result of the disease can feel complicated. Our information is designed to answer any questions and allow patients and their carers to feel more in control.

Updating the look and feel of the website to make it more user-friendly means that people can immediately find what they are looking for, whether it is advice, patient information or how to get involved with us.

Following patient and carer journeys

We have updated and made changes to our website so whatever stage a patient is at, our information follows their journey. Dividing the information according to the pathway patients may take through pancreatic cancer, allows the supporter to find the personalised information that they need at the right time. Our information is clear, accessible and reviewed by medical professionals and supporters. We aim to provide trustworthy information that removes some of the stress.

Importantly, the website has a focus on coping with the disease. It is natural and normal for patients and carers to feel shocked, anxious, angry, guilty and alone when faced with a diagnosis. The website will guide patients and carers through these feelings and provide practical advice on how to cope at all stages of their disease.


For those that are concerned they may have symptoms of pancreatic cancer, this section covers information about pancreatic cancer including: symptoms and symptom diary, risks factors, what to do next and questions for your doctor.


If you or someone you care for is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer you may be wondering what will happen next, what treatment options may be suitable and their side effects.

This section will tell you about what pancreatic cancer is and the stages of the disease. You can find out more about treatment, clinical trials and sources of support, questions for your doctor, coping with your diagnosis and the next steps.

Living with pancreatic cancer

Living with pancreatic cancer means different things to different people. Whether or not you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, or care for someone who has the disease, it will have a large impact on your life.

Managing the symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer, side effects of treatments and conditions that can occur as a result of the disease, can feel complicated and daunting.

Many people with pancreatic cancer will be told that they are at an advanced stage of the disease and palliative care will make up part of their treatment.

This section will give information on managing pancreatic cancer and living the best quality of life possible. It will explain the side effects of treatments and conditions that may result in people with pancreatic cancer. It will also explain palliative care and how to plan for end of life.

Our blog

Having been awarded Top 100 Cancer Blogs and top 20 Pancreatic Cancer Blogs, we are immensely proud of our blog. Our blog features a range of content, from the latest news and research about pancreatic cancer to fundraising stories and health information.

On our blog you can also find patient and carer stories to help you through your journey.

We are also lucky to have a range of guest bloggers sharing their experience with cancer treatment, mental health, health and well being at work and more.

If you would like o be one of our guest bloggers please e-mail:

Taking action against pancreatic cancer

The website also contains information about how you can get involved in supporting us from fundraising to volunteering, raising awareness to campaigning and shopping. Our website contains all the information you need to help us to improve early diagnosis and quality of life for people with pancreatic cancer.

Help us improve the survival rates of pancreatic cancer by taking action in honour of a loved one, as a personal change or simply to support the cause. However you choose to take action, we are so grateful for your determination, generosity and support.

Find out how you can Take Action 

Healthcare professional section

We have also developed a section of our website specifically for healthcare professionals to clearly provide information and resources on pancreatic cancer to help aid early diagnosis and improve patient care.

The section also has the resources and signposting healthcare professionals need to assist them through every step of a patient’s journey.