Pancreatic Cancer Action launch new research bid to save lives

37500180_l (2)Pancreatic Cancer Action, a charity that exists to save lives by focusing on early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, has launched the Early Diagnosis Challenge Award, as part of their five year plan to invest heavily into research to improve early diagnosis for pancreatic cancer.

The charity are inviting applications from outstanding scientists in the UK who will test innovative ways of diagnosing pancreatic cancer early.

“We need to encourage more scientists and researchers to specialise in pancreatic cancer,” says Ali Stunt, chief executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action.   “We have a focus on early diagnosis and our pancreatic cancer research grants will be awarded for projects with a focus on increasing the number of patients who are diagnosed in time for surgery – currently the only potential for a cure.”

Every hour someone dies from pancreatic cancer, and it has the lowest survival rate of all 21 common cancers.  By 2030, it is predicted that pancreatic cancer will take over breast cancer as the fourth biggest cancer killer in the UK.

Ali Stunt, who is herself a rare survivor of the disease said: “The most promising applications will be selected for funding after a rigorous review process. By recruiting the brightest scientists with exciting and innovative ideas, we are more likely to make significant scientific and clinical discoveries.

“Pancreatic cancer research is extremely underfunded.  Only 1% of cancer research funding is spent on pancreatic cancer in the UK, which is significantly less than other cancers with lower mortality rates,” adds Ali.  “Research into the disease today will make a real difference to people diagnosed with this devastating disease in the future and our early diagnosis research programme will help contribute to this.“

Anyone interested in applying for a grant can find out more information here:

Early Diagnosis Challenge Award