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Overseas challenge: Could you do it?

There are so many breath-taking corners of the world and unlimited offerings of majestic mountains, daring deserts and stunning cities that we often dream of visiting and experiencing in our lifetimes. So how about taking on one of these beautiful landscapes as part of a charity fundraising effort for TeamPCA?

Day to day, we make multiple excuses as to why we don’t explore these parts of the world and that is ordinarily:

a) I haven’t got the determination to do it…

b) I can’t fit it in my diary…

c) No one wants to join me…

but with the incredible Overseas Challenges we have on offer, no excuse is good enough to not embark on a new adventure all the while raising much needed funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer. 

Whether you fancy taking on Mt Everest, Machu Picchu or The Great Wall (alongside many others) we have the challenge for you! 

It isn’t until you witness the sheer beauty of some of these places that you can truly appreciate what this planet has to offer. Especially when you’re taking on the challenge of raising money for a worthy cause; it all adds to the emotion, the drive and the determination to complete your task. 

Having visited and travelled South East Asia and India myself, I never thought your breath could get taken away by a sight, but it totally can, and you get the ability to completely immerse yourself in the culture. 

Pancreatic cancer is one of the cruellest diseases you can be diagnosed with and the battle is often described as the toughest thing you can ever take on. This is reflected in embarking on a life-changing Overseas Challenge such as climbing Kilimanjaro, taking part in the Icelandic Lava Trek or India’s Golden Circle cycle challenge – especially when you are honouring a loved lost one, someone who is currently fighting the disease or you’re a survivor yourself. 

Lauren, one of our Marketing Officer’s here at Pancreatic Cancer Action embarked on a Peruvian trek for Action Against Hunger, and this is what she has to say on the matter:

“While I was studying at university, I decided that I wanted to participate in an overseas charity challenge… when in Rome, right? After lots of research and attending countless information evenings, I decided on raising money for Action Against Hunger and then trekking through Peru to Machu Picchu! I have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far and here are my top five reasons as so why I think overseas challenges are a fantastic opportunity! 

  1. You get to invest time into a charity close to your heart
  2. You get lots of support from your chosen charity 
  3. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit somewhere amazing and that you wouldn’t normally travel to
  4. You get to make a bunch of new, like-minded friends
  5. It really is a challenge that gets you out of your comfort zone and working hard!”

So, think back to the 3 excuses highlighted at the top, is there REALLY a reason why you can’t take on an Overseas Challenge? We don’t think so, take a look at our options today!

If you have any questions or queries about taking part in one of these challenges, please email 

Overseas Challenges for Charity - by Annie Whillians