Not all charities are the same

Pancreatic Cancer Action collection bucket
Pancreatic Cancer Action collection bucket

We at Pancreatic Cancer Action are saddened by the tragic death of veteran poppy seller Olive Cooke, the story of which has made the headlines over the past couple of days for all the wrong reasons. While we never knew her or had any form of contact with her, we would just like to reassure all of our supporters and donors that we do not use the aggressive methods to raise funds as some charities have been suggested to have done in this sad case.

We at Pancreatic Cancer Action are members of the Fundraising Standards Board and firmly adhere to the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Practice.

To reassure you

  • We DO NOT and WILL NOT pass on anybody’s contact details to anyone else, including other charities.
  • If someone donates to us and asks that there is no further charity contact, we respect that and, adhering to Data Protection law, we leave them alone.
  • We DO NOT employ marketing agencies to call people to persuade them to set up direct debits nor do we employ ‘chuggers’ on the street.

Competing for funding is hard work but we will not resort to aggressive tactics in order to fund our work. What we want is to have supporters who believe in what we are doing and stay with us to support us in whatever way they can; whether it be a donation of their time to raise awareness or financial support. You can take a look at what we do here 

We are blessed to have all our amazing fundraisers and supporters who do incredible things to raise money to improve early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. We cannot thank you enough and we are very grateful for your support.

We hope that the Olive Cooke case does not tarnish the reputation of all charities

If you do wish to fundraise for us or donate on a regular basis via direct debit or volunteer your time you can follow the links or get in touch with us and we will provide you with the information you need. We won’t chase you or hound you – the choice is yours. However, if you do want to support us in any way we will be very grateful.

Please be mindful that, like businesses, not all charities are the same. It is your choice which ones you want to support and you should never be pressured into doing so.

Ali Stunt

Founder & Chief Executive

Pancreatic Cancer Action