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NIPanC and PCAware


This year, our Pancreatic Cancer Aware (PCAware) campaign is running in the area of the UK where public awareness of pancreatic cancer is at its lowest: Northern Ireland. With awareness adverts on the sides of buses, on digital screens, in newspapers and much more; our awareness campaign aims to increase awareness of pancreatic cancer, not only amongst the public, but also with GPs and pharmacy teams.

Our awareness campaigns would not go ahead without the incredible support we receive from fantastic fundraisers across the UK. In particular, our Northern Ireland campaign would not be possible without Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer (NIPanC) who are dedicated to raising vital funds in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA) and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (PCRF). We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who helps make our awareness campaigns possible and for helping us to save lives through early diagnosis.

What is NIPanC?

PCA team with Jamie Dornan
Kerry Irvine, Ali Stunt, Jamie Dornan, Lucy de’Lemos at the NIPanC launch event (August 2018)

NIPanC was initially launched in August 2018 as a community group who are dedicated to promoting better outcomes for pancreatic cancer sufferers in Northern Ireland.

The group was set up by local people who have been directly affected by pancreatic cancer, including Pancreatic Cancer Action’s regional representative and founder of Action for Noel, Kerry Irvine.

NIPanC’s vision is to end all deaths from pancreatic cancer in Northern Ireland by increasing public understanding, promoting professional awareness, funding research and supporting patients. The group has been developed in partnership with PCA and PCRF and gives a stronger voice to families in Northern Ireland who are affected by pancreatic cancer.

NIPanC also offer contact information and signpost to support lines and support groups in Northern Ireland for anyone who is affected by pancreatic cancer and needs advice or simply need someone to talk to. Please email NIPanC if you would like more information about the support available to you if you are located in Northern Ireland.

NIPanC and PCAware

As well as raising vital funds to help us implement our awareness campaign across Northern Ireland, NIPanC are also helping us raise awareness on the ground by distributing leaflets, finding people to share their stories and organising fundraising and awareness events! NIPanC are also sharing our PCAware social media, reaching thousands of people across Northern Ireland and the wider UK! To follow NIPanC on Twitter, click here.

If you’re in Northern Ireland and want to find out more about how you can get involved with NIPanC, click here to visit their website or send them an email directly to info@nipanc.org

To find out more about our Pancreatic Cancer Aware campaign and why we’re dedicated to changing the statistics, check out our blog by clicking here!

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