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Nicola’s 50km Cotswold Way Challenge

Having experienced ill health with her asthma over the last few years, Nicola is determined to get back into shape with an enormous 50km challenge through the beautiful Cotswolds. Not only will this challenge aid Nicola’s asthma recovery, but she is also paying tribute to her late stepdad, Les, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer last year.

Les worked outdoors as a roofer, he was a fit man with a great tan who adored his Grandson Lucas. Les was showing pancreatic cancer symptoms for approximately five years and throughout this time he had regular check-ups with his GP, with each symptom being treated separately.

The referral for the CT scan came once his symptoms worsened. The primary tumour was in his pancreas and had spread to his liver and lymph nodes. Sadly, at that stage, all they could do was make Les comfortable and to control his pain, as the tumour in his pancreas was far too aggressive. He passed away two months later after his diagnosis at the age of 52.

Emotional stress is a huge trigger for Nicola’s asthma, and having spent a lot of time on her health with long-awaited lung function tests and better treatment plans, Nicola feels ready to continue to improve her lifestyle all the while raising vital awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer.

The Cotswold Way Challenge is tough, but achievable with the right training and incredibly rewarding. The beautiful route will pass along the Cotswold Way, through scenic villages and up some tough climbs compensated by views of the surrounding areas.

We can’t thank Nicola enough for showing such determination in raising awareness of pancreatic cancer. With her help, we can change the future of this brutal disease and change lives through earlier diagnosis. We are wishing Nicola all the very best with this amazing journey she’s embarking on and are behind her every step of the way.

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