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New Patient Information Booklets!

At Pancreatic Cancer Action, we know that a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be a frightening and uncertain time. Each stage in your journey can throw up new questions and concerns and it can be difficult to know where to go for answers. That is why we have updated and refreshed our patient information with the help of health care professionals and those directly affected by pancreatic cancer.

Our new booklets contain the most up to date information available to patient information bookletshelp you understand pancreatic cancer, treatment options and the experience of the disease. Our information discusses every aspect of living with pancreatic cancer, from dealing with side effects and symptom management, to the emotional impact and planning ahead, whatever that may mean to you.

Our information is accredited by the Patient Information Forum, a mark that demonstrates high quality information that you can trust. We produce online and printed booklets that are always free to order for anyone who needs them. We know that everyone is affected by pancreatic cancer differently and no two stories are the same, therefore we have designed our information to support you through every stage of your journey.

The following information is available online or in print;

We also provide information and resources for patients affected by pancreatic cancer, stents, cysts and cystic tumours;

Order your free information booklets or view them here.

We are proud of the information that we produce and the number of patients and families that it has helped to support so far. We always welcome feedback on our information from patients, carers and health care professionals. If you can help us with this, please contact to get involved.