New booklet provides an easy-to-understand Resource for patients with pancreatic cysts

Front CoverPancreatic Cancer Action are pleased to announce the publication of a new patient information booklet that will help people better understand pancreatic cysts and cystic tumours.

The booklet entitled “Pancreatic Cysts and Cystic Tumours” will provide a comprehensive source of written information for patients who have cystic lesions of the pancreas.  A copy of the booklet can be ordered free of charge by visiting: https://pancreaticcanceraction.org/about-pancreatic-cancer/publications/

The publication covers topics such as: what are pancreatic cysts; symptoms; diagnosis and investigation; treatment for cysts without cancer and surveillance.

Written by a dedicated group of professionals from The Institute for Liver and Digestive Health at University College London, and certified under the Information Standard scheme, the booklet was developed and evaluated with public and patient involvement.

Dr Geri Keane, Research Fellow  from University College London Institute for Liver and Digestive Health said: “Pancreatic cystic lesions are an increasingly common finding and more patients are being followed up for the condition every year. However there is limited written information available for patients.

“We were therefore very happy to have the opportunity to work with Pancreatic Cancer Action to produce this booklet. We hope it will be useful for all pancreatic cyst patients who have been newly diagnosed, as well as those in surveillance for the condition.”

The booklet has been welcomed by patients who report on a lack of accurate and comprehensive information written at a level that patients can understand.  Linda, a pancreatic cancer patient and lay reviewer said: “I found the booklet to be very comprehensive and would of benefited from it greatly.… when I was first diagnosed.”

Ali Stunt, chief executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: ”Most pancreatic cysts are non-cancerous, harmless and symptomless. But some are precancerous and have the potential to develop into pancreatic cancer. So it’s important for patients to have as much information as possible to help them understand the type of cyst they have, and what treatment and support is available.”

For more information about Pancreatic Cancer Action’s range of booklets and information, please visit: https://pancreaticcanceraction.org/about-pancreatic-cancer/publications/