My husband is still here because of Abraxane

David Johnson from Wales was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2013. His lovely wife Carole tells us in her own words David’s story and how Abraxane has considerably improved his condition.

carole and david updateDavid was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2013 and had surgery that August. Recurrence following meant 3 separate lots of chemotherapy, and he is now having Abraxane as the only other chemo available.

I feel very strongly about the Abraxane issue, it is the only new drug for pancreatic cancer, and our oncologist, in Wales, says that their findings so far are that it’s proving helpful, and for some patients it’s giving a lot of extra time, not just a couple of months.

There is so little armoury against this disease, and although my husband has been having Abraxane for less than three months his condition has recently improved quite a bit. It does seem to be keeping the symptoms and progress of the disease under control and I know without the current chemo he would be very poorly now, as it was going that way.


We are so pleased that David is benefiting from Abraxane and enabling his condition to improve and spend more time with Carole. Unfortunately, on 4th September 2015, NHS England made the shocking decision to remove this life-extending drug from the Cancer Drugs Fund list. This reduces an already limited choice of treatment options for patients in England.

Please help us change this by signing our petition to put Abraxane on the CDF list, so that patients, like David, can have access to Abraxane.

Updates on Carole and David’s story