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Marie-Helene’s son & daughter will run the Paris Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer Action

Marie Helene diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2011

Marie Helene - June 2011 - just months before her diagnosis for pancreatic cancer

Marie-Helene was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. Unfortunately it is inoperable and although she has been having chemotherapy to downstage the tumour this hasn’t worked so far. Marie (pictured left) is a very positive and inspirational lady and is determined to help us raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer. 

In April both her son Spiro and her daughter Angie will be running the Paris Marathon on 15th April 2012 on behalf of Pancreatic Cancer Action. Marie wants to tell as many people as possible about the run so they can raise as much money as possible. To this end she has sent lots of emails to friends and colleagues.

We quote from one of them here:

“Hi everyone,

Many of my colleagues and friends will know that I was diagnosed late last year with Pancreatic cancer, despite being fit, active, non-drinking and non-smoking.  This is unfortunately a very difficult cancer to detect and diagnose, and as a result the recovery rate is still very low.   Although it is the 10th most common cancer in UK (responsible for about 8,000 deaths each year) it is one of the least understood, with limited research and little GP understanding. 

Two of my children (Angie and Spiro) are running in the Paris Marathon next month to raise funds for a

Spiro & Angie running the Paris Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer Action

Spiro & Angie

charity which encourages and supports research and awareness into this cancer, with funding for GP training.  Pancreatic Cancer Action (www.pancreaticcanceraction.org ) was formed several years ago by a survivor of the cancer, one of the few lucky enough to be diagnosed early for the treatment to be effective.  “Early diagnosis saves lives.”  Unfortunately my diagnosis was not quick and my cancer is too advanced to be operable (although we are hoping my chemotherapy treatment will stop it growing and spreading ).

 Our children are raising money for this charity through their Marathon efforts.  They have so far raised over £1,700 and are hoping to get much more,  They are on Just Giving and if you can give only a few pounds it will directly benefit the research and training in detection and cure of this really difficult cancer.    http://www.justgiving.com/teams/Stathakis 

I appreciate that we all have a lot of charities to support these days, but anything you can give to this one (a good cause, and a very personal one for our family) will be going to a charity with very important objectives.

Many thanks,


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Please support Spiro and Angie as they run for their mum in the Paris Marathon on 15th April http://www.justgiving.com/teams/Stathakis 

3 Responses to “Marie-Helene’s son & daughter will run the Paris Marathon for Pancreatic Cancer Action”

  1. Hi Marie , you and i have the same diagnosis , inoperable , i too am having chemo . This cancer and the fantastic people that work hard to get more recognition and research needs all the help we can give them . Good luck to your kids and hope they raise lots of money , i have a few things going on too , my niece running marathon , and some dear friends who are outdoor swimmers are doing a 24 hour relay swim next month . My story is printed on the website if you would like to read it on patients stories , we may be strangers but like so many lovely people i have met on the site ,,,,, we have PC in common Love Cath x x

  2. Hi Maz,
    Thinking of you all the time.Sending lots
    If I was at home I would have loved to have
    run the marathon with Angie (I’m so proud of
    her – she’s one strong girl just like
    her Mum!) and Spiro…next year.
    Sending much love, hugs and kisses
    Jacqui, Guy, Fia and Tamsin xxxx

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