10428678_10205251304714518_8258560394738725387_n-300x300Yesterday would have been my daddy’s 67th birthday. 11 days after this picture was taken he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died just 8 days after that.

Pancreatic cancer is the 5th biggest cancer killer in the uk, yet survival rates have not improved in over 40 years. I am raising money for pancreatic cancer action uk which aims to raise awareness and improve funding by doing my 40 challenges.

I am taking this opportunity to say the challenges aren’t going to be completed by the time I’m 40, in just 36 days (arghhh) but they will be completed and I will do the one I dread most on my birthday! The reason they are not going to be completed on target is due to a few factors.

I had an operation last year on my birthday, which due to complications had me bed ridden for 6 weeks. I’m due another one before my 40th which could mean up to 9 hours in surgery.

My mental health has also been bad for prolonged periods. Most people know the original reasons of the challenges was to help me beat agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression and that I had been pretty much housebound for 18 months. I have managed to face my fears, but I am still housebound more than I’m able to go out. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in the past 11 months. Run a half marathon, cycled 9 miles naked through Brighton, abseiled Pembroke castle, cycled 45 miles & the equivalent of up Snowdon in a hurricane, made it to London & managed the underground in rush hour in.order to punt the river cam plus lots of others. I thank everyone for their continued support and will set a new final date for the challenges shortly. Feel free to share links etc. Money raised is split between pancreatic cancer action and the mental health foundation and you can sponsor me at www.virginmoneygiving.com/lynseywhitcombe