Lauren’s Couch to 5k Challenge: Week 8

Laurens Couch to 5k Challenge Week 8

The final week of Lauren’s couch to 5k challenge is just around the corner and yet she has still managed to get back on track even after a week of relaxing on holiday.

To be 100% honest with you, I did absolutely no running for my couch to 5k challenge whilst on holiday! Although I had every intention, the sunny weather and yummy food in Malta just prevented me from having any motivation. I did do some swimming in the sea but nothing strenuous, if anything it was more to cool down from the intense, hot weather.

Laurens Couch to 5k Challenge Week 8: Beach holiday in MaltaAs you all know, coming home from a holiday and returning to the daily grind can be quite stressful, especially after you’ve spent a week deliberating whether you could make it as a fulltime sun lounger rental guy and basically live on the beach. It’s because of this that I found motivation during week 8 quite difficult. Not because I didn’t want to progress but because I had had a week of total relaxation and decided that my new goal in life is to win the lottery!

Anyways, back to the running. I did it! I completed week 8 and although I expected to find it challenging after a week of no proper exercise, it wasn’t that difficult (I even managed to take a few phone calls on the run and it didn’t really affect me)!

Week 8 consisted of 3, 28-minute runs, where I was encouraged to increase my pace to an almost sprint in the final minute of the run in order to push myself further. This was challenging and although I was unable to sprint, I definitely increased my pace. 

I can’t believe it but next week is the final week of the program, where I will complete 3, 30-minute runs. Are you excited? I know I am!

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