Lauren’s Couch to 5k Challenge: Week 7

Laurens Couch to 5k Challenge Week 7 PosterLauren has completed another week of her Couch to 5k 9 Week challenge and this week she feels like she can officially call herself a proper runner!

I’m very happy to say that this whole Couch to 5k running thing is getting easier and easier! This week, each of my three runs has consisted of:

5 minute warm up walk

25 minute run

5 minute warm down walk

Keanu Reeves in the poster for the movie SPEED
Not yet Keanu, Speed comes later…

That’s right… 25 minutes… isn’t that crazy!? According to the app, I can now call myself a runner, which I’m really proud of and something I couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend who has been athletic his entire life (he was really proud of me too!).

Sure, I’m running more like a victim in a slow motion scene from an action movie rather than Mo Farrah, but I’m still running. As Laura tells me on a regular basis, it’s not about how fast you run but about the distance. The aim is to get as many kilometres under your belt as possible in order to build up stamina and endurance. Speed comes later.

With just two weeks left, I’m feeling more and more confident every time I set off onto my morning runs and I’m so excited to complete the program. I’m on holiday for week 8, in hot sunny Malta so I can’t guarantee that I will complete week 8 whilst I’m away but I’ll definitely be swimming in the sea.

See you soon everyone ☀️??

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