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Launch of new website for Healthcare Professionals

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website section dedicated to healthcare professionals! Written by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

The aim of the site is to clearly provide information and resources to healthcare professionals on pancreatic cancer to help aid early diagnosis and improve patient care.

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Resources for you

The pages of this section are to help you access the information that is most relevant to your work indiagnosingand supporting patients with pancreatic cancer. We have split our information by profession to make it easy to reach the materials and resources that are most useful to your practice.  

Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose, the symptoms are often vague and non-specific, and patients can present at primary care multiple times before a diagnosis is made. PCA provide a range of resources to allow you to feel confident about recognising and referring a patient with symptoms of pancreatic cancer, from free learning modules and diagnostic guidelines to posters for your practise.  

The pages also include prompts to help ensure that patients are referred to all the allied health care and social services they may benefit from during their disease. This includes dietitians, physiotherapists and social workers as well palliative care teams.

The patients journey

If you are supporting a patient with pancreatic cancer, the section also has the resources and signposting you need to assist them through every step of their journey. It contains links to our patient information and services that are tailored to patients, depending on the stage of their disease, to give patients useful and reliable sources of information to refer to.  

Our information helps to empower patients to understand their disease and be as involved as possible in their medical decisions from investigations and treatments to end of life care. Referring patients to our materials can help you plan their care with them and support them through difficult discussions.  

Using the information provided on our website, you can feel confident that patients are well supported at every stage of their disease. Furthermore, we also provide signposting for carers of patients with pancreatic cancer with an increasing focus on their wellbeing and recognising their unique challenges.  

We encourage you to share this link with your colleagues.  

News and updates

We would love to keep you up to date with the work we are doing with Healthcare Professionals to help diagnose pancreatic cancer sooner. 

Our Healthcare Professional Newsletter is for anyone in the healthcare sector who is interested in knowing: 

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  • How you can help with early diagnosis and get involved with Pancreatic Cancer Action including all our new healthcare campaigns

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