Launch of the APPGPC’s ‘Need for Speed’ report

On 15th November 2017, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer published a report calling on the Department of Health to take action to improve early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  

Early diagnosis is key to improving the poor survival rate of pancreatic cancer.

The Need for Speed report highlight the importance of diagnosing pancreatic cancer earlier and improving the quality of survival of pancreatic cancer.

Patients and other members of the pancreatic cancer community, including family members, clinicians and patient representatives, submitted evidence as part of the APPG’s inquiry into early diagnosis.

Six recommendations are made in the report that, if implemented, will provide those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with hope of a better survival rate and quality of life following diagnosis.

The APPGPC are calling on the government to:

  1. Increased research funding directed at the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
  2. A pancreatic cancer-specific symptom awareness campaign and/or a series of generic symptom campaigns, addressing vague symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer
  3. Improved tools, education and guidelines for pancreatic cancer for general practitioners and others
  4. Better diagnostic pathways
  5. Fast-track surgery and faster access time to all other treatments, when possible
  6. Full implementation and support for the NHS England Cancer Strategy and Cancer Alliance

If you would like to let your local parliamentary representative know about the report or find out how else you can campaign with us, please visit our campaign section of the website or email us at comms@panact.org.