Kingsley Squire – My Story

IMG_0436A beautifully written piece from newly diagnosed Kingsley Squire who is a journalist. Kingsley has written for the Daily Express in Bristol, the West Midlands and in Fleet Street before going home to Sidmouth in 1988. Since then he has been reporting and writing for his local paper, the Sidmouth Herald.

“As of now, I’m feeling positive, ready to face whatever this cruel disease throws at me. It will not be an easy journey. You realise that when all the possible side effects of chemo are explained.
“Yet there is a plus side to it all. That is the time I have to make sure everything is in order here at home and that Monica, bless her, knows how to pay the water bill and switch on the boiler! We have been married 53 years and we are in this together until death do us part. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to reach out at night and hold her hand. You realise, too, amid the tears, how much loved you are by your children and grandchildren.”

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