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Keri, Kyle and Kilimanjaro

Brother and Sister duo, Keri and Kyle Moorhouse, are taking on Kilimanjaro in memory of their Nan, Brenda. Together they want to complete this challenge and help to raise vital funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Action

A little bit about us:  

My name is Keri Moorhouse, I’m 24 and I currently live in London, my brother is Kyle Moorhouse who is 27 and currently lives in Derby. We were both born and raised in Coningsby Lincolnshire and only left once we moved to university. 

The reason why we are doing our trek: 

My Nan, Brenda, was everything to us. When we were younger my parents were often working and therefore, she often looked after us after school and at the weekends. She became well known amongst both mine and my brother’s friends, who also found themselves going to her house after school whilst their parents were at work, it was almost like she created a youth club haha!

She would get in everyone’s favourite ice-creams/crisps/biscuits so that myself, Kyle, my cousins and all of our friends felt welcome whenever. Personally, I used to stay with her every Friday to Sunday when I was younger and she came to every dance/acting/music lesson/show I had growing up, which meant I was rarely apart from her.

She played such a large role in our lives, so when she was taken it left an enormous void. She always looked after everybody without even questioning it, and we believe it is important to carry this on and help others who face Pancreatic Cancer. We are also completing these challenges to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer.

My family were all completely unaware of the signs and symptoms of this cancer prior to this happening to us. For my Nan, she only had 11 weeks from diagnosis until she sadly passed, and I would hate for another family to go through what we have. If one person reads our story and researches into the cancer themselves to know the signs and symptoms, then this is all so worthwhile. 

Why we chose Kilimanjaro: 

Kyle and I are both into fitness and we love giving ourselves challenges. When combining these two things, Kilimanjaro seemed like a perfect match. We would like to think our preparations are going well, Kyle attends the gym multiple times per week, and I train for marathons so there is some underlying fitness.

This next year we will specifically start training for climbing (as much as I like running, Lincolnshire isn’t exactly full of hills haha!), but we have high hopes for the physical aspect. The mental challenge may be a little trickier, but I believe we have the determination to complete and support each other through the climb.  


For fundraising, I ran my first marathon in Boston (Lincs, UK) in April 2019 and a second marathon in Richmond in September, we had a tea and coffee morning in Coningsby in June 2019, we both completed at 50km trek through the peaks in one day in July 2019. We hope to run more cake sales, a charity fashion show and square boards. The charity fashion show is March 13th and we are super excited to host it! 

Our fundraising site:

We have a virgin money page for anyone who would like to support our challenge! ->  


Pancreatic Cancer Action