1+ Year Survivor

Jo – 1 Year Survivor Story

This November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and throughout the month we will be sharing a series of stories written by survivors of the disease. This is Jo’s story. 

75% of people cannot name a single symptom of pancreatic cancer

Jo & her familyJo, mother to 4 beautiful children, was just 45 when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In January 2018 Jo was suffering from a trapped wind in her upper stomach for around 5 weeks before she was admitted to hospital when the pain got worse and her urine was a dark colour. Jo had also lost about 5 pounds in weigh over the Christmas period which is unusual for most people.

After an ultrasound scan and a CT scan Jo was told that she had focal pancreatitis and sent home.

Jo says, “I was still very poorly and concerned so contacted the private hospital for a second opinion. I had an endoscopy biopsy and was diagnosed with a tumour in the head of the pancreas which was pressing on the bile duct and causing the jaundice and pain.

I was incredibly lucky to be just about well enough to have the Whipple operation 6 days later.”

Before her diagnosis Jo knew nothing about the pancreas, the function of it, or that you could live with only half of it.

Jo now runs a successful business giving money advice and is the author of “What’s your excuse for not being Better With Money?”

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