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Izzy completes Race for Life in memory of mum, Danielle Corcoran Tanner.

Izzy, her friends and family have completed the Race for Life and raised funds for PCA in memory of Izzy’s mum Danielle Corcoran Tanner.

Danielle will always be remembered by everyone here at PCA, not only for her strength, bravery and courage but also for her dedication to raising awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Appearing in many TV interviews, including speaking with BBC South Today and ITV Meridian, Danielle showcased her inspirational life story and provided hope to the pancreatic cancer community. She appeared often in her local newspapers and spoke with her local radio as well as taking part in our PCA charity videos.

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012, Danielle became a regional rep for PCA and took every opportunity to raise awareness and to help others who had also been diagnosed. She really did go above and beyond to make sure that her voice was heard.

Danielle did all of this with the support of her family and friends, her partner Andrew and daughter Izzy who were behind her all the way.

Danielle sadly lost her fight with this devastating disease in 2017. She truly was an inspirational person whose strength and kindness is very much still a huge part of her friends and family’s lives and her legacy strongly lives on through them.

Izzy with her friends and family at the Race for Life

Izzy and her amazing friends and family recently completed the Race for Life in memory of Danielle and raised funds for PCA. They all wore a special Positive Panda badge to strengthen their team and support each other.

Danielle’s partner Andrew said “I felt very proud of Izzy and everyone for coming together to do this, for Danielle and everyone affected. It was an emotional day, but one that will be repeated next year and every year thereafter”.

Izzy with her friends and family at the Race for Life with their Positive Panda badge.
Izzy with her friends and family showing of their Positive Panda badges at the Race for Life where they raised funds in memory of Danielle

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who took part in the Race for Life as part of Team PCA.

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