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Introducing GIVE IT UP forPanCan for 2020!

The end of 2019 fast approaching and what a year it’s been! Not only are we now getting into the Christmas spirit, but we’re also looking forward to the year ahead.

Give it Up for PanCan! – No matter how much we tell ourselves we won’t, we all know that Christmas is the perfect excuse to indulge ourselves in some of our favourite guilty pleasures. And then before you know it, January’s upon us and we have to get back to our normal routine.  

As a result of this, many of us see January as the perfect time to kickstart healthy habits and give up our not-so-secret indulgences.  

You said, we listened!

Last year, we placed more focus on the campaign being less about giving up alcohol and anything you want to. However, the feedback we received suggested we could go a little further. So this year, we’ve said goodbye to DryJan4PanCan and are introducing #GIVEITUPforPanCan!  

For 2020, we’re going to give it up! on something we love and taking on something new. 

This could be anything from your love of chocolate, playing games, spending money on new clothes or not eating meat for a month!

What can I give up?  

Suggested ideas on things to Give It Up for PanCan! and things you can do instead to prevent those cravings: 

  • Fizzy drinks – drink healthy alternatives 
  • Takeaways – experiment with quick and easy healthy alternatives.  
  • Dairy – eat plant-based alternatives 
  • Video games – start playing board games 
  • Snacking between meals – have a drink instead. Usually thirsty rather than hunger 
  • Staying up latecreate yourself a bedtime routine
  • Procrastinating – write a task list  
  • Complaining – look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives 
  • Chocolate, sweets and cake – eat fruit, nuts or other healthy alternatives 
  • Alcohol – drink non-alcoholic drinks  
  • Social media – Use the extra time to do something else instead 
  • Swearing – Improve your vocabulary by learning equivalent but less offensive words 
  • Meat – Learn to cook vegetarian or vegan meals 
  • TV & Netflix – read books/listen to audiobooks

Click here to sign up today, or find out more about #GIVEITUPforPanCan