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Taking Action Together #DecadeOfChange

Pancreatic Cancer Action

2020 marks the 10-year anniversaries of both Pancreatic Cancer Action and Pancreatic Cancer Scotland. Reflecting on the past decade we are incredibly proud of our work and what we have achieved. Looking to the future we want to make the 2020’s The Decade of Change for Pancreatic Cancer. By joining forces and taking action together, both charities know we can make this joint vision a reality.

What does ‘intention to merge’ mean?

A charity merger occurs when two or more charities come together to form one charitable organisation. Both charities have agreed they would like to become one charitable organisation, however, this is subject to approval from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

PCS and PCA will continue to operate as separate organisations as we await approval from OSCR on our intention to merge. There will then be a transition phase as we prepare our organisation to come together. We hope to hear a final decision from OSCR by the end of March/beginning of April.

As we await OSCRs approval to formally merge, we will work to develop branding and the combined organisations future strategy and action plans within the spirit of the merger.

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Why are we merging with Pancreatic Cancer Scotland?

Any diagnosis of cancer is life-changing, but what’s particularly horrific about pancreatic cancer is its survival rate.  Less than 7% of those who are diagnosed with the disease will survive past 5 years, there is no screening test for pancreatic cancer and most will die within 2-6 months.

Both PCA and PCS have a determination to help improve survival of pancreatic cancer patients, through the promotion of early diagnosis, greater public awareness, the education and training of healthcare professionals and through improving access to treatments and better care and support for patients and their families.

Pancreatic Cancer Action want to see the survival rates for pancreatic cancer in the UK double by 2030. Together, we have more chance of achieving this ambitious objective and making a big impact.

By bringing together our passion, energy, expertise, funds and networks, we’ll make greater progress in more effective ways for pancreatic cancer patients and their families in Scotland as well as in the rest of the UK.

We will be a strong, confident charity that will drive positive change to help save more lives in Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

Take Action with us!

We are inviting you to pledge your support and to join us in taking action against pancreatic cancer and help to improve the survival rates of this terrible disease. With your help we can continue to improve early diagnosis and the quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients.

However you choose to take action, we are so grateful for your determination, generosity and support. Thank you!

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Intention to merge FAQs

Why are the two charities wanting to merge?
When will we hear more/what will happen next?
What will the merged charity look like? What will it be called?
What is going to change for me? I have already committed to fundraise for you?

PCA intention to merge with Pancreatic Cancer Scotland!

The proposal to merge, brings together two organisations, managed by two women, each of whom have their own personal story and connection to pancreatic more.

Let’s do this #PanCanClan #TeamPCA!