Saffron_Building_Society_Lovell_Chohan_SolicitorsWe were delighted to hear from one of our supporters, Ali Lankester-Bell, that her colleagues have really got behind supporting Pancreatic Cancer Action.  Ali’s branch recently held a raffle and a purple dressdown day to raise money to support our work to drive early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Thank you to Ali, Christine, Julie and all the team at Saffron Building Society for raising £361.25 for us.

Ali said:  “It’s the most the society have ever raised in a raffle and I’m thrilled to see how much support there is.”

Ali’s mum Eileen sadly died of pancreatic cancer in 2013 just three months after diagnosis.  Ali believes that if her mum was diagnosed when she first started experiencing classic symptoms in September 2012.  Ali said in an interview with The Braintree Times in November: “She had a bit of stomach pain, some stomach issues like indigestion, but then she became quite jaundiced.

“All these symptoms don’t automatically think ‘this is cancer’, which is why people get diagnosed too late in the day.”

“We need to try and make more people aware of the disease and to recognise the symptoms so they go to the doctor and are investigated for this evil disease.”

The team at the building society plan to do more fundraising this year and we look forward to hearing all about it.