Glasgow Freemasons donate £50,000 to Pancreatic Cancer

We’re extremely excited to share that the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow has donated £50,000 to Pancreatic Cancer.


Jim Peddie was the Provincial Grand Master during 2014 – 2019 and chose Pancreatic Cancer Action Scotland (PCAS) and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (PCRF) to receive the funds.

Jim, who lives in Kirkintilloch, sadly lost his wife Frances to pancreatic cancer ten years ago this August at 64 years of age.

He said: “Frances had not been well for a while and she didn’t receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis until it was too late. Since then, I have learned that there is a difficulty in detecting pancreatic cancer. I know a lot of the work the charities are doing is around education for GPs to detect the disease earlier and for people to be aware of the symptoms. There is still a lot to be done to raise awareness, as there are a lot of people who haven’t heard about pancreatic cancer unless it has happened to someone in their family.”

Pancreatic cancer and research into the disease means a lot to Jim, which is why he chose to donate the proceeds of the money to both PCAS and PCRF. Jim also said “I had no hesitation in supporting pancreatic cancer organisations. I am very proud to have had the support of all of the lodges in Glasgow. This was a tremendous job by the Freemasons of Glasgow, and it’s been a great combined effort which everyone got behind.

This generous donation includes £40,000 to Pancreatic Cancer Action Scotland for restricted spend within Scotland and £10,000 to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

PCAS Development Manager – Fiona Brown said: “Supporters like the Freemasons of Glasgow play a key role in bringing their voice, energy, determination and commitment to help change the pancreatic cancer story. Their inspiring dedication helps raise funds and awareness and fully embraces our belief that together we can make a difference.”

We are incredibly thankful for these funds and the hard efforts that went into raising this generous donation by all of the Freemasons of Glasgow. With this donation, we can invest in research into diagnosing pancreatic cancer earlier or contribute to funding a dedicated pancreatic cancer healthcare professional in Scotland.

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