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George Moss completes 100-mile marathon as he turns 60!

As he approaches the weeks before his 60th birthday, George Moss – avid long-distance runner – completes the Centurion South Downs Way 100-mile Ultramarathon in memory of his late father, Bryan Moss, who was sadly lost to pancreatic cancer last year.

This sought-after event is from Winchester to Eastbourne and must be completed in under 30 hours, with limited places and only 400 entrants, George was elated to tell us he was successful in gaining an entry and was going to run for us here at PCA.

There was a 50-mile qualification ultramarathon to prove George could run 50 miles in less than 15 hours and as he said “this is not a problem for me, I have entered the Gower Ultra 50” …a walk in the park for George!

In the months leading up to the South Downs Way challenge, George didn’t let his travels get in the way of training and he embarked on a gorgeous holiday to New Zealand in which he ramped up the running and wanted to get in as much as he could whilst being away.

He faced 30-degree heat in Singapore and took in the stunning Tongariro Alpine Trail in New Zealand, all the while raising vital awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer. 

Along comes race-day and we wished George all the best. 

Here is what George had to say post-100 miles:

Only went and done it! Firstly, huge thanks to Kay (my wife) as chief support and photographer, Becky for organising all the pacer support from mile 50 with Becky, Dave and Laura sharing their pacer role right through the night and to the finish. 

I finished 250th out of 275 starters in a time of 27 hours and 40 minutes. 

Front loaded the front 50 miles with mostly running tapering to the end with increasing amount of walking. A lot of the early running was done in torrential rain and hail but only lasted a few hours.

Got a personal best for 50 miles knocking off around 1hour 35 from my Gower Ultra 50 time. I also got a personal best at 100km knocking over 4 hours on my Jurassic Coast Challenge time at that distance. Super pleased my feet help up with just two small blisters. 

I would be lying if I said I am not incredibly tired and my legs ache (and most other places) and I lost 11lb over the 27 hours 40 minutes!

It’s official, I will not be doing another 100 mile Ultra as, just as few weeks off of my 60th birthday, this was a huge undertaking for me which took a lot out of me with training and more especially the event itself. Pleased to have done it, finished and got the buckle…but that is it for the Centurion Ultra Marathons. 

Fundraising is at £1643 with more to come!”

George has been amazing since losing his father, Bryan, to pancreatic cancer last February, completing the Jurassic Coat Challenge, the Great South Run, the Gower Ultra 50 and now the South Downs Way 100-mile ultramarathon all on behalf of PCA.

We couldn’t be prouder of George and his running achievements; he really has blown us all away with his determination and sheer effort put into these events.

If you’d like to donate to George’s fundraising page, it’s not too late: