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Fundraising for PCS post merger

As of March 31st 2020, Pancreatic Cancer Scotland and Pancreatic Cancer Action officially joined forces and have shown their collaborative commitment to make the 2020’s the Decade of Change for pancreatic cancer.  

Assisted by our passionate and dynamic community of supporters, we are addressing the urgent need to take more action and increase survival rates of pancreatic cancer through early diagnosis 

You may be wondering: 

“What will happen to my current fundraising page for PCS?” 

“Where will my money be going?” 

“Can I set-up a new page?” 

But fear not, we are here to support you through these fundraising changes, and you can rest assured, that all funds raised will benefit Scotland!

New fundraising pages

Anybody wishing to set-up a fundraising page moving forward will be directed to Pancreatic Cancer Action’s existing platform accounts where you will see both our logo’s and some text to assure you that you’re fundraising for the correct cause! You are of course, welcome to change the main body of the text within your fundraising pages and upload your fundraising photos to make the page as personalised as possible.  

*Make the most of your fundraising with these tips direct from JustGiving*  

  • Setting a target can lead to a 45% increase in page value 
  • Uploading a profile photo can results in a 23% increase in page value 
  • Writing a page summary has seen page values increase by 36% 

Current fundraising pages 

All fundraising pages that are active currently will stay open until their expiry date and all funds raised on that page will be re-directed to the merged organisation’s bank account for the collaborative and vital work we are carrying out together.  

Links to our current platforms: 

If you’d like to start raising all-important funds for our merged organisation, please follow the links below. 

  • JustGiving – Quick, easy and user friendly! Ideal for challenge events, teams and corporate supporters! 
  • Virgin Money Giving – Personalise your page with photos, an adjustable target and a team set-up option.  
  • Facebook – Interactive and with your network already at your fingertips, Facebook fundraising is fee-free, easy to set-up and perfect for getting your community involved. 
  • In memory: Pansy Fund A Pansy Fund is an online tribute page specifically dedicated to those we’ve lost to pancreatic cancer. It can be personalised, people can leave messages, light candles and donate in your loved one’s memory.