How to fundraise for DryJan4PanCan

The second week of January has come to an end, which means you’ve completed over two weeks of our DryJan 4 PanCan challenge. Congratulations, you’re almost half way!

This week we’re focusing on how to fundraise so you can keep the momentum going and see out the month of January alcohol-free!

By encouraging others to sponsor you, you can use their generosity and support to complete your sober journey.

Offer to be the designated driver

Having a night out with friends? Why not offer to be the designated driver for the night? That way you can resist temptation from buying an alcoholic drink.

Instead of your friends giving you petrol money, you could ask them to donate to your fundraising page.

Someone offers to buy you a drink

It’s not unusual when you’re out with friends for someone to offer to buy you a drink.Instead of caving and accepting this offer, why not ask them to donate the cost of that drink to your sober fund?

The purple ticket

Sometimes those cravings get the better of us and we cave. If this happens, remember that you have the Purple Ticket option where you can donate to your fund in return for a drink. Just be aware of how many drinks you’ve drunk though as each ticket has a £10 suggested donation!

Add the DryJan 4 PanCan email signature to your emails

We have a DryJan 4 PanCan email signature that you can add to all your email accounts. Don’t forget to link your fundraising page to the image to make it clickable.

Print out the planner poster

This might sound like an obvious one but make sure you print out the DryJan 4 PanCan planner. You can put it up in your home, office or anywhere you’d like! Make sure to tick off each day you complete. This will help to keep you motivated and keep your family, friends and colleagues updated on your progress.

Set up a JustGiving page

Creating a JustGiving page is an easy way for people to donate towards your challenge. You can also share it across your social media accounts to encourage people to donate.

Sponsorship forms

Not everyone is on social media, so downloading some sponsorship forms is another way to ask people to sponsor you. You could leave them in your work canteen/office so that people can find them and fill them in easily.

Share on social media

As mentioned previously, you can share your JustGiving page across social media but why not also change your Facebook cover photos and use the Facebook frame so that people can see you’re taking part. Don’t forget to also print the selfie bubble out and take a selfie with it.

Remember to use the hashtag

That way we can see all of your #DryJan4PanCan posts .

Well done to all of you taking part and good luck for the rest of the month!

To download of our DryJan assets, click here