We are pleased to share with you our new visual identity which we will begin using today, and over the coming weeks you will see the refreshed brand across our communications, merchandise and website.


So how did this come about?  Last year, following our advertising campaign, Sparrowhill Studio got in touch with us.  They offered to give our brand a refresh as a pro-bono project.

We welcomed the idea and believe with a new updated identity, we can stand out more and potentially increase the opportunity to get our message out there.  Quite simply, the more people that find about us and pancreatic cancer, the more chance we have of getting more people diagnosed early.

After visiting the team and getting to know more about Pancreatic Cancer Action, they developed this modern refreshed logo.  We feel it reflects the voice and personality of our charity and our supporters, fundraisers and donors – energetic, passionate, dynamic and active!

The purple and pink trapezium design is based on an abstraction of the form of the pancreas. This gives it an inherent relevance to our charity and cause.  Coupled with the word “action” jumping out of the logo, it makes for a relevant evolution for the brand while retaining the essence of what it has been to date.

While our logo may have changed, our mission and work remains the same – raising awareness, educating the medical community, funding research into early diagnosis, influencing policymakers in the UK and Europe, and supplying information to support patients and families.

It will take time for the new brand to phase across everything.  Over the next couple of months, we will have a transitional phase, where our promotional items will be superseded with the new brand as an on-going implementation.  In the run up to the rebrand we have been running down our current stocks enabling us to introduce the new materials easily.

Pancreatic Cancer Action LogoFinally, the pansy will still be a big feature of Pancreatic Cancer Action.  It is a very important part of our history and it signifies how far we have come and the people who have made it possible, so we will continue to stock our pansy badges as well as offer our Pansy Tribute Fund as way for people to remember loved ones.

We do hope you like the new brand and we look forward to seeing the new logo and colours being used by our supporters.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.