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Fearless friends take to the skies to fight deadly cancer

Two 21-year-olds from Leicester are taking to the skies to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

An image of Hannah Myatt and Amber Mason who are going to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action

Hannah Myatt and her friend from primary school Amber Mason are each taking on daring challenges to raise vital funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action. This May, Amber will be doing a skydive on 19th May and Hannah will be wing-walking on 5th May. The lifelong friends are doing this for Hannah’s mum who has the disease.

Hannah did a sky dive to raise funds for pancreatic cancer four years ago but decided that she wanted to ‘do something a bit scarier’ this time around.

Hannah’s mum, Sharon, was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in September 2013. Sharon had been having stomach aches and pale, abnormal stools. She also had clear signs of jaundice with her skin and the whites of her eyes turning yellow.

At first, she was hesitant to go to the doctors but once she realised that something might be seriously wrong she decided to give in to her daughters nagging and visit her GP.

Sharon was fortunate to have caught it early in time for surgery. Sadly, pancreatic cancer is often not diagnosed in time for surgery, currently the only cure. Sharon’s tumour (which she had named Trevor) was successfully removed and after hard months of chemotherapy and recovery she was given the all clear.

However, the family received upsetting news in November 2017 at a follow-up scan which showed that Trevor had returned. Sharon has gone back into battle against the cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy again. This isn’t stopping Sharon from living her life to the full.

An image of Hannah Myatt with her mum, Sharon, and sister. Hannah is going to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action

Hannah says, “Our inspiration for completing these challenges is my mum. She is the strongest, most amazing and inspirational woman you will ever meet and is battling pancreatic cancer for a second time.

The statistics are truly shocking, so we want to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action in the hope of increasing early diagnoses, improving survival rates and raising awareness about this horrible disease.

Although I am super nervous about my Wing Walk, I am excited to be supporting such a fantastic charity in the craziest way!”

Amber is no less determined and says, “I am doing this skydive in aid of a very strong and caring woman and I believe that raising money for the charity is the best way to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

I am nervous but extremely excited to be taking on this challenge and I hope that other people follow in mine and Hannah’s footsteps to help battle pancreatic cancer as it is a worldwide issue that needs to be stopped!”

Pancreatic cancer is the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer. The survival rate is just 5% which is the lowest of any cancer. To find out more about pancreatic cancer please visit the charity’s website

Ali Stunt, Founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action, said: “We are 

An image of Sharon, Hannah Myatt's mum, who is currently battling pancreatic cancerdelighted that Hannah and Amber are raising funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action, in such an incredible challenge. I know that this will mean a lot to Hannah’s mum, Sharon. Good luck girls!”

Pancreatic Cancer Action is committed to working towards earlier diagnosis of the disease so that surgery is made available to the sufferer. The charity fund research into early diagnosis, provide medical education programmes, and launch awareness campaigns.

To support Hannah and Amber you can donate to their JustGiving page here