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Fantastic community volunteer raises £13,000!

We are absolutely delighted that one of our Community Volunteers, Jean Keast, has exceeded her target of raising £10,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Action. Jean has raised an amazing £13,007 for the charity and has now set herself a new goal of £20,000!A photo of Community Representatives, Jean Keast, with her brother Paul who lost his life to pancreatic cancer and why Jean is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Jean sadly lost her brother Paul to pancreatic cancer in 2014 and had no knowledge of the disease when he was diagnosed. When Jean’s brother found out he has pancreatic cancer, he said to her “why this one, why couldn’t I have stomach cancer, any cancer but not this one”. Jean made a promise to him that she would do what she could to help.

Jean says, “I promised to raise awareness and fundraise to make it better for future sufferers. Since he died, it was a question of head down, here we go.”

“When I started to research pancreatic cancer, I was horrified by what I read and I desperately wanted to do something to raise awareness of this disease. I vowed to raise £5000. Then I started looking at which charity to raise the funds for. I read about PCA and Ali Stunt’s story and decided PCA was the one for me and I have never regretted it!”

“I couldn’t find anything in Devon, so I started with the local paper, Tavistock Times, and found fantastic support from them which is still ongoing today. Fund raising has been varied from a dance and a party in the local Town Hall, to cake days and raffles. In addition, my workmates always get involved with Awareness Month in November, and their support has been amazing. My company T H March have always been keen to support me and they have now committed to making a yearly donation.”

Community Rep Jean Keast's Christmas Memory Tree to remember those who have lost their life to pancreatic cancer.
Jean’s Christmas Memory Tree

“For the last two years, I have had a Christmas Memory Tree (for Loved ones lost to PC and those fighting it), in the Christmas tree festival in my local church. The tree at Christmas 2017 had over 200 names and messages hanging from the branches.”

“As a Community Representative, I now go out and receive cheques on behalf of Pancreatic Cancer Action from community groups who are fundraising for the charity.”

“Tavistock Golf club raised over £5000, Plymouth Jazz Club raised over £100, so the awareness in the South West is growing. It has been hard work but gradually I am growing a network of people who support and are willing to lend support for my future fundraising! “