E-mail template for epetition

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Please e-mail friends, families and colleagues about the pancreatic cancer epetition and encourage them to sign it. We’ve created an e-mail template for you to use if you wish.

Dear XXX

Please could you take 2 minutes to sign this e-petition and help initiate much needed change in the prognosis for pancreatic cancer patients.  


In 40 years, the three per cent survival rate of pancreatic cancer hasn’t changed. 

Despite being the fifth deadliest cancer in the UK, it receives only 1% of  research funding.

We are calling for more funding and awareness to increase every patient’s chance of survival. 

Thank you,



  1. Please help, my mum died of complications from an operation to remove this awful disease. 6 weeks after diagnosis she was dead, this can’t continue. Please help others avoid the same fate.

  2. My mum died 12 weeks to the day after the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, after being treated for everything from IBS to delayed grief for my dad’s death (7 yrs earlier). Too little money is spent on this disease and even doctors can’t identify the symptoms very easily. This must stop, please please help to find a cure.

  3. My husband became so ill and friel so quickly and died within 2 months of diagnoses More funding for research is urgently needed.
    The death rate has not changed in over 40 years. This needs to improve. Research is so important. Please help.

  4. Please please help. My dad is recently diagnosed and is inoperable. I wish I wasn’t going to lose him. This needs to be stopped. It is devastating. Please help.

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