Bereaved Story

“Mum was such an amazing woman loved by so many. Will be missed so much.”

Today, Donna Parr shares her Mum's story who tragically died just one month after her diagnosis.

Mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on 24th May 2022 after undergoing tests and appointments for over a year.

Mum was one of the 19% of people who was lucky to be well enough to have the operation to remove the cancer. On Wednesday 15th June, Mum was taken down to theatre. We had been told of the precautions, however, her prognosis without the surgery was just a few months and so, under the guidance of medical specialists, we as a family agreed surgery was the best option.

Unfortunately, a few hours into the operation we had a call to say that the cancer had attached itself to Mum’s blood vessel causing severe life-threatening complications. They could not continue the surgery on that day. Miraculously Mum pulled through.

On Monday 20th June Mum was strong enough for them to complete the surgery. She went back down to theatre where they removed the cancer and she was then transferred back to critical care to recover.

Unfortunately, during recovery Mum’s organs were just not getting the blood they needed. She sadly passed away on Friday 24th June at 3:20pm, one month to the day since she found out she had cancer.
Mum was such an amazing woman loved by so many.
Will be missed so much.

Leaving behind her loving husband, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.