Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Can your place of work Turn It Purple?

Turn it Purple at Work

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month! This year your support is needed more than ever, and we are asking businesses and community groups to help us reach more people than ever before.  

Will you help us by highlighting the symptoms, and raising awareness of UK fifth deadliest cancer?  


The 2020’s has to be the decade of change for pancreatic cancer. We need to raise awareness and support those who need us the most and your support is vital.  

The pancreatic cancer survival rate is low and so many of our supporters have lost loved ones within weeks or months of diagnosis, some within days. 

  • Only 20% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer today will be alive this time next year. 
  • Only around 7% will still be here in 5-years time. 

We need to give people more time and we need to give people more hope. 

We know that early diagnosis saves lives and therefore education on the importance of the pancreas and pancreatic cancer symptoms is crucial.  

You can help in some very easy ways!


Pancreatic cancer symptoms don’t present themselves in the form of a lump or a bump, so here are 5 very easy ways you can help raise awareness. Each of them might just save a life, they might offer hope, they might offer more time:

  1. Display our infographic of the symptoms and risks on your website 
  2. Create social media posts during November, sharing the symptoms and our #PurpleHeart Campaign 
  3. Send an e-newsletter to all your staff and customers to highlight the symptoms 
  4. Turn your website and social media channels purple – and tell people why! 
  5. Arrange to share our Pancreatic Cancer Aware video with your team during November 
  6. Encourage your staff to wear purple on Thursday 19th November which is World Pancreatic Cancer Day (or a day that suits a zoom/teams call) 

And of course, please feel free to come up with your own ideas! 

If you would like to discuss any ideas further, please email to arrange a chat.

Order the digital pack for everything you need to spread the word about Turn it Purple:

  • Helpful tips and advice
  • Social media posts
  • Email signatures
  • Symptoms and risks posters
  • Our #PurpleHeart image 
  • #PurpleHeart poster