“The bravest woman I know!”

Linda was diagnosed with operable pancreatic cancer in 2015, she has had surgery (whipples procedure) and chemotherapy. ┬áHer daughter Claire, who lives in Australia, recently visited her mum in the UK and has written this lovely post expressing how proud she is of her mum…

The bravest woman I know! Just over a year ago my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer….and as anyone who lives overseas will understand, my worst nightmare came true, as I got the news whilst on the other side of the world in Australia.

A year on, a huge operation, numerous rounds of chemotherapy and a whole lot of courage and strength, she has won the fight and we stand here together ready to face any other challenges that may come our way.

I learnt so much in the last year but the one thing that amazed me the most through this whole journey, was the strength my mum showed. When faced with the possibility of death, at minimum a very unpleasant surgery and chemo, through it all she stayed mentally strong and positive, determined this was a fight she was not willing to lose.

I feel so grateful to still have my mum and the closeness this has brought us (despite the distance) and for the inspiration it has given me to really go after anything I want in life because we really do never know what’s around the corner….we have one life, so LIVE it, cheers to that!

Thank you so much to Linda and Claire for sharing this lovely post with us X