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Beautiful Haslemere Hares donated to PCA

Pancreatic Cancer Action have kindly been donated 2 beautifully painted Haslemere Hares that are displayed around the town and will go up for auction on Wednesday 26th September at Lyth Hill Hotel.

Haslemere Hares are a part of a community arts project to raise funds and awareness for a variety of local and national charities with the proceeds of the auction being donated.

HAREline Cracks, a Haslemere Hares sponsored by Objects d’Art and was designed and created by Josh and Oli at The Creative Forge

One of the Hares which was donated, HAREline Cracks, is sponsored by Objects d’Art who specialise in antiques and fine jewellery and was designed and created by Josh and Oli at The Creative Forge.

Forge Creative is the partnership of designer-makers Josh Kennard and Oliver Milne who pride themselves in not being driven by money but the goal of fulfilment.

Blue Hare, a Haslemere Hares sponsored by Blue Hair Grayshott and created by artist Ziggy J SimonThe other Hare, Blue Hare, was sponsored by Blue Hair Grayshott and created by Ziggy J Simon, who is a local artist.

Ziggy says, “I love a nice wildlife commission as we are passionate about preserving local wildlife, but also I’m very keen on Fantasy, Burlesque and botanical, and if I can mix the three together I am as happy as a Haslemere Hog in a Haslemere bog!”

Ali Stunt, Founder and CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action says, “It is a real honour for Pancreatic Cancer Action, a charity I founded in 2010 from my Haslemere home, to be one of the chosen charities.”

“Blue Hare and Hareline crack both sport stunning designs and are a real credit to the artists, Ziggy J Simon and Josh & Ollie at the Creative Forge.”

As a local, I have been amazed to see how the Haslemere Hares are galvanising the community and are making such a colourful impact in the town. Fingers crossed, all the benefiting charities will also be rewarded with good donations following the auctions.”

Click here to bid on HAREline Cracks or here for Blue Hare

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