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Are you Distance Aware?

With shielding currently placed on pause, we know that many people are anxious about returning to normal daily life. That's why we support the "Distance Aware" campaign, an initiative to encourage people to maintain social distance from those wearing the shield shaped badge.

The distance aware poster

Since mid-August, shielding has been paused across the UK and those who have been shielding have been advised to resume working, shopping, and normal life as much as possible. 

However, whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is being increasingly managed through local lockdowns and the potential for people to be asked to repeatedly shield or stop has added to uncertainty and confusion about social distancing rules.  

To help combat this and support people who have been shieldingPancreatic Cancer Action is pleased to support the Distance Aware” campaign. 

Distance Aware aims to provide polite prompting to maintain
distance (where possible) by use of consistent and instantly
recognisable symbolism. While wanting to support vulnerable groups
there is a wider societal need thus inclusivity has been key in our

The scheme, created by the Bevan Commission has partnered with many national charities, giving vulnerable people the opportunity to receive a Distance Aware and help make them feel safe when they are out in public.