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Audrey Li and her sisters raise amazing amount for PCA!

This is the story of how one of our youngest supporters, Audrey Li, started her amazing fundraising journey for PCA, aged just nine. She has since enlisted the help of her sisters and managed to raise an unbelievable amount, inspiring us all in the process.

Audrey and her sisters

Here’s a little update from one of our youngest supporters! 

Audrey Li from Singapore started fundraising for PCA back in 2016 when she was just nine years old. Eventually her sisters Kendra and Kate also joined Audrey’s fundraising ventures, and together over the years, they’ve raised an amazing £13,520!? 

It all started with a bracelet. It was worn by Audrey’s former teacher, Steve Dalgarno in memory of his mum. 


The purple PCA bracelet around Steve’s wrist piqued Audrey’s curiosity. She was attracted by the colour and she wanted to know more. Eventually through her teacher and her dad, Kenny, she found out more about the bracelet and its connection to pancreatic cancer.

Inspired by her teacher and all the information she found out, Audrey started her own fundraising journey and it led to an amazing amount being raised for PCA. 

And she’s not stopping! Her fundraising journey has come full circle, as Audrey has started selling her own bracelets to raise funds and awareness for PCA. 

Audrey and her bracelets

Audrey attends St Joseph’s Institution International Singapore, and the school has a CASS project. CASS stands for Community, Activity, Sports and Service. This means every student at Grade 5 and 6 has to complete at least a bronze level of CASS. To do this they need to complete a certain number of hours of community work in and outside school, as well as activities such as art, music and sports. Audrey is aiming to attain a gold CASS award.

Her idea was to raise funds in school, and she decided the bracelets would be perfectas they were small, light and lower priced. 

Audrey sourced the bracelets and was all ready to get started but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she’s not been able to sell her bracelets at school. 

However, sales outside of school have been so successful, that she’s had to reorder some more bracelets! 

And you can also buy your own bracelet – as we have now made these available to buy on our website for £3! 

Audreys bracelets

This latest venture is just another way that Audrey and her family continue to inspire us. Three years ago, the enterprising little girl came up with an idea to produce fidget spinners. These were specially designed and with the help of her sisters, she also sold these to raise funds for PCA 


Audrey’s dad, Kenny said: “All in all, it has been a wonderful ride with PCA which continues on. While I am very proud of Audrey, I am also very thankful for her amazing teacher Steve Dalgarno and the support from PCA, which continued to encourage this little girl. 

Audrey and her bracelets

We can’t thank Audrey and her family enough for all their support and for continuing to inspire us with their creativity. We are very gratefuland we wish Audrey all the very best of luck with her latest venture. We were lucky to be able to meet the family when they visited our office on a family trip to London in 2017 and hope to do so again!