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24-hour ‘danceathon’ for PCA! 

After losing her beloved dad to pancreatic cancer in May 2019, Lynn Gray decided to do something pro-active to not only help in dealing with her own grief but to raise funds towards pancreatic cancer early diagnosis research.

After having a think about what she could do, Lynn decided that as she loves to dance, she would hold a danceathon, a 24-hour dance marathon! 

Lynn said, “Dad was a huge part in all our lives and after our mum’s passing, 17 years ago, we were all closer than ever! 

Over the last few months I have felt ok, grieving quietly to myself whilst watching over everyone else.  

Watching my 5-year-old niece’s recovery who underwent heart surgery in the summer and now preparing to start school is just wonderful. Then Welcoming the newest bundle of joy to our family has truly been a blessing for us all! 

One person was missing, and I was angry, and the grief hit me again!  

I am that person who always says, ‘I’m fine. as my answer if asked if I’m ok. There are times when not even I am Superwoman. So, I have decided that being proactive is what will help me, and with that, my brain went into overdrive 

What do I do?

I can’t run, I can’t bake, coffee mornings… I make great milky coffee, but I wanted to do something that would involve the community around me. 

Well, one thing I love to do is dance – whether I am good or not I don’t care!”  

Lynn successfully completed her 24 hours of dancing and was joined by lots of supporters throughout. Lynn and the team raised over a whopping £8,000!  

After the event, Lynn said, “My legs are all achy but by having lots of baths at nightI’ll be all good! I’m still numb at the total raised as I could not have imagined raising that much – it’s just totally amazing!” 

Ali Stunt and the Pancreatic Cancer Action team would like to thank Lynn and her danceathon team for all the amazing work they put into the dance event. We are completely blown away by the amount Lynn and everyone else involved have raised!

Click here to see their JustGiving page.

If you would like to hold your own danceathon or have ideas on how you can get involved with fundraising for PCA in your local community then please do get in touch. If you would like to find out more or tell us what you’ve got planned, email