Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

2020 – Our Most Important Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Ever

COVID-19 has severely impacted pancreatic cancer patients and their treatment, but with cases on the rise and the pandemic still firmly in the spotlight, we explore just how important this Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is at ensuring we continue to improve early diagnosis.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

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As you may be aware, November is pancreatic cancer awareness month and the 19th marks world pancreatic cancer day. The month has always been important for Pancreatic Cancer Action and our supporters. It gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, the UKs most deadly common cancer, through Turn it Purple and our other awareness campaigns. It gives us the ability to work with other organisations to light up buildings, homes and institutions and to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer within parliament and with health care professionals.  

Despite our past campaigns and successes raising pancreatic cancer awareness in November, this year is the most important ever. Whilst Covid-19 has dominated the news in 2020 and huge efforts have been put in place to manage the outbreak alongside the current health care system and way that we live our lives, changes have been made which threaten to leave pancreatic cancer patients behind.  

From a reduction in the number of people visiting their GPs, to sustained falls in the levels of key diagnostics such as endoscopy, difficulties restoring treatment options to pancreatic cancer patients and the impact of being asked to shield. Pancreatic cancer patients have been affected across every step of their journey, leaving many more worried about their disease than about Covid-19. For those avoiding seeing their doctor, or facing long waits for diagnostics or treatments, their cancer may grow or spread. This has a knock-on effect on treatment options and survival.  

Moving into awareness month at the same time as an increase in Covid-19 cases, and with the world’s attention on the pandemic, we must act to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. Early diagnosis is the key to survival. Being aware of the symptoms and risks of pancreatic cancer and acting quickly on any symptoms that are not normal for you, can make all the difference.  

By turning it purple, writing to your MP or MSP, displaying our purple heart poster, fundraising or even sharing our social media posts with friends and family, you can help us to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer and the importance of early diagnosis. There has never been a more crucial time.