1st January means it’s DryJan4PanCan time!

Happy New Year! It’s the 1st of January which can only mean the start of your DryJan 4 PanCan challenge!

To get you started with week one of DryJan4PanCan, we’ve put together a few goals you might like to consider: 

Set yourself some fitness goals

One of the health benefits of not drinking could be that you lose weight. So why not see it as a good time to build up your fitness? Whether you decide to join the gym, take up running, cycling or join a sports club, the choice is yours.

Save money

We all have months where we wonder where our money has gone. With January being a month where people are notably shorter on spare cash, giving up drinking could save you more money than you might think. Why not donate half of what you’ve saved to your fundraising page and put the other half in your savings to go towards that dream holiday or some new clothes?

Designated taxi driver

Being the sober one on a night out might mean that you get hit with being the designated driver. We suggest trying to use this to your advantage. Ask your mates to each donate a set amount to your DryJan 4 PanCan fund. It’s an easy, yet effective way to get your mates to support you during your sober month.

Take up a new hobby

We all have hobbies that we love or would like to try. So, with the money you’re not spending on alcohol, why not reignite a previous passion or take up something new that you’ve always wanted to try?

Set yourself a fundraising target

Once you’ve decided how much you would like to raise, let your friends, family, and know that you’re taking part in DryJan 4 PanCan.

Good luck everybody and thank you for all your support!

Click here if you’d like to take part in DryJan 4 PanCan