14 Fundraising ideas for Halloween

Carved Halloween PumpkinWith Halloween just around the corner, why not get your inner spook on and Fundraise for Team PCA this Halloween? Not only do we have a Halloween Bake A Change pack on offer but we’ve also put together a whole host of ideas for you to have some fun and raise vital funds at the same time!

  1. Terrible T-Shirts

Everyone loves a great T-shirt. So why not have a go at designing some T-shirts for your friends and family this Halloween, donating the profits to PCA?!

Halloween Tshirt Designs
  1. Carving Contest

Pumpkin carving is one of the best things about the Halloween season! Host a carving contest and ask participants or attendees to make a donation towards the cost of the pumpkin. Then, let the voting begin and the winner can take a small percentage of the earnings.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins
  1. Haunted House

Whether it’s yours, a friend’s, or a neighbourhood house, haunted houses are a great way to have fun, charge admission and raise money! This can be held for both children and adults, at separate times in the day obviously. For adults, make it a bit creepier and add black out rooms, blind folds, and even enlist a few friends to hide out and scare unsuspecting visitors.Halloween Haunted House

  1. Petrifying Party

Maybe haunted houses aren’t quite your thing, but a house party could be. Throw a spooky get together and ask attendees to make a freewill donation at the door.

Here are a few Halloween themed suggestions we’ve come up with:

  • Hammer Horror
  • Day of the Dead
  • Monster Mash
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Murder Mystery
  • Harry Potter
  • Steam Punk Gothic
  • The Walking Dead
Halloween Party
  1. Creepy Cook-Off

Autumnal food is some of the very best: from pie, to chilli, to hot chocolate. Like the carving contest, the cook-off could include entry and admission prices, with the winner taking a portion of the earnings, and the remaining funds being donated to PCA.

Halloween Bake Off
  1. Dine and Donation

Maybe your creepy cook-off ends in everyone enjoying a meal the entrants cooked up. Offer a wonderful dining experience to friends and family, with the cost simply being a freewill donation to PCA.

Halloween Dinner Party
  1. Golfing Ghouls

Know some budding golfers? Then why not put on a Halloween Golf Tournament and see how much money you can raise.

Halloween Golf Player
  1. Frightening Football

Hosting a football tournament is a great way to get friends, family, students, children, etc. involved with a little bit of friendly competition, even for those that don’t like football! Prizes could be given to the winning team and to the team that donates the most money.

Halloween Football Players
  1. Terrifying Trivia

Trivia is very popular these days, so host some terrifying quiz of your own! You could even make the questions Halloween-themed. All entrants can make a donation and the wining team can take a proportion of the funds raised.

Halloween Quiz Night Scrabble letters
  1. Have a Bonfire

Maybe your bonfire has games, food and other options available. Light up the night and raise some money with a fun community bonfire.

Halloween BonFire
  1. Costume Competition

Fancy dress is a given for Halloween and who doesn’t love a bit of dressing up? Costume competitions are always a joy for everyone involved and are a great way to raise funds.

Halloween Kids in Costumes
  1. Pumpkin Smash

Despite it being pumpkin season, not every pumpkin will be deemed “sellable”. So why not try and secure as many unsellable pumpkins as possible and hold a Pumpkin Smashing Event at a local place with a large car park, such as a pub or social club? You can then charge people to enter and see who can throw their pumpkin the furthest, with the winner getting a prize.

People can watch the event, and you could even host a secondary Halloween themed event inside the venue with music, food, games, and a whole host of prizes for children. Just make sure you tidy up all the mushy pumpkin!

Field of Pumpkins
  1. Spooky Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love a good cake? These are a great way of raising funds through out the year but especially for Halloween. Get inventive and give your bakes a spooky theme or make something savoury as an alternative. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions to get your ideas flowing. Order you Halloween Bake a Change Pack here.

Lots of Cupcakes
  1. Horror Movie Fest

It’s Halloween season so if hosting a party isn’t really your thing then why not get yourself in the spirit by watching a load of creepy horror movies? Although bear in mind that this is probably one for the adults! Find a local venue with a large function room, set up a projector, get some comfy seating and a whole host of horror films and you’ve got yourself the perfect fright fest.

You then charge people an entrance fee, and they can bring their own food and drink. The next steps are simple, just sit back, relax and prepare to be scared.

Popcorn tubs

However you spend your Halloween we hope it’s full of tricks and treats! A HUGE thank you to everyone who’s taking part in events and helping to raise vital funds and awareness for Team PCA!

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