“We didn’t know it was going to be his last Christmas.”

He found out he had pancreatic cancer in April 2005 and passed away weeks later.

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We didn’t know that Christmas 2004 was going to be Dad’s last Christmas. He found out he had pancreatic cancer in April 2005 and passed away weeks later.

Christmases with Dad were all about enjoyment, spending time as a family, having a drink and eating good food. As we are Hindu, we celebrate Diwali as our Christmas too, and these were special times we’ll always remember and cherish

My Dad was my best friend. Everything was so sudden – he passed away after a short 4-week battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He had no symptoms. It wasn’t until the end of March 2005 that he started feeling some fatigue and Mum said, ‘let’s get it checked out.’ He used to go for walks all the time but then he started getting tired just walking down the road to the Co-op.

It all happened so suddenly and in the blink of an eye. It absolutely shocked my family. I was completely lost without him, and it took me a very long time to accept that he was gone. Thankfully I had tremendous support from my lovely family, with Mum playing both Mum and Dad sometimes.

Dad didn’t get to meet any of his three Granddaughters – my daughter and my brother’s two girls. He would have loved to spend time with them. Our Christmases now are focused on the kids, and we keep Dad’s memory alive. My Mum and Dad were married for 31 years, and Dad loved to spend time with the family.

I made a promise to Dad that I would do something to help others who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, in the hope of finding a cure for this horrible disease. I hope that speaking out about our experience and raising awareness of pancreatic cancer means other families do not have to go through this trauma.