End of life care at hospital

Many people are admitted to hospital and stay there at the end of their lives. This may be something that they have planned for. But often, people stay in hospital because they have not recorded their wishes.

Sometimes people who say that they want to die at home change their mind towards the end of their lives due to symptom control or fear of how they and the people they care about will cope at home. Many hospitals have in house palliative care teams.

You will have access to nurses and doctor’s day and night if need be to ensure that you are comfortable and pain free. Chaplain services are also available for spiritual guidance. Many people find the idea of dying in hospital distressing and it can be difficult to have the same level of privacy as other settings. You or your loved ones can
communicate with ward staff about visiting and bringing in comforts from home. Staff will want to make you as comfortable as possible and some people find the knowledge that they are there very reassuring.