Financial support with palliative care

Having an illness like cancer can lead to lots of unexpected costs, an inability to work and this can lead to financial difficulties. This can cause worry on top of what you are already experiencing. Financial help is available and there are different benefits depending on your circumstances.

Depending on where you live, you may be entitled for different benefits.

• Personal independence payment (PIP) or disability living allowance (DLA) if you are
under the age of 65. DLA is only applicable for people living in Northern Ireland.

• Attendance allowance if you are over the age of 65.

These benefits are not means tested and can be accessed quickly if you have been told that you have six months or less to live. Your doctor will be able to complete the paperwork. You will also be paid the highest rate if this is the case.
You may also be able to access grants from energy companies or charities. Prescriptions are also free for cancer patients if you pay for them currently.

Financial advisers may also be able to give out advice about bank accounts, pensions and any insurance that you have taken out. If a loved one is caring for you they may also be entitled to benefits,

If you are self-employed, then speaking to a financial adviser can help you to make decisions about managing your business and your income whilst you are unable to work or need to have reduced hours.

If you are making important decisions regarding your business and finances, it is best to make these when you are calm and when you have had the best advice possible.