EU Written Declaration No.30

chemotherapy drugs used for pancreatic cancerThank you for taking the time to access the documents needed to sign the Written Declaration No.30 – asking for cancer patients across Europe to have equal access to the latest technologies and medicines to treat their disease. This is even more important for diseases such as pancreatic cancer which has great unmet need having seen little or no improval in a 4% five-year survival rate for the past 4-5 decades.

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The rationale behind the topics addressed by Written Declaration no 30:

Identify and catalogue cancer medicine shortages

Surveys by the EAHP show that drug shortages in Europe are extensive and affect every European country. Of the 537 hospital pharmacists in 36 European countries who responded to a question in the EAHP’s 2014 survey, 86% said that shortages, including of cancer treatments, were a current problem in the hospital where they worked, with almost half saying they were affected by shortages on a weekly basis.

The initiators of this WD therefore believe patients need improved systems for ensuring early reporting of medicines supply disruptions, with causes, likely duration and available alternatives notified to healthcare professionals. This could be addressed by developing a database of medicines in shortage across Europe replicating the work done in the USA.

A harmonised European Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Before an innovative medicine gets to the patient, it has to pass two approvals: first the EMA checks its efficacy and safety, then HTA bodies assess cost-effectiveness at national level. This leads to significant differences among member states regarding the time to access life-saving medicines.

Reaching a consistency across assessments is necessary so as to avoid the duplication of work and reduce inequalities among countries in terms of access to treatments. Patients are the main beneficiaries as the harmonization of HTA would ensure faster access to life saving medicines.

The European Parliament MUST take a strong position on this issue. 10 million European cancer patients are waiting for the Union to take up its harmonising role and provide pan-European value to its citizens. Many of them will not survive long enough to benefit from the changes we are asking you to support. European cancer patients cannot wait anymore and for too long the problem of medicines shortages in Europe has been neglected. It is time for the European Commission to protect European citizens and lead both investigation and resolution of this problem.

We need your support in order to find a solution to the deprivation of medicines which cancer patients are currently facing. 

Pancreatic cancer patients in England will suffer a further blow on 4th November when the chemotherapy drug, Abraxane® is removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund, which follows a decision recently by NICE not to routinely fund the drug on the NHS in England. From 4th November, patients in England will no longer have access to Abraxane® on the NHS. The drug will routinely be available in most of Europe as well as Scotland and Wales. We believe this decision is unfair.

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Written Declaration No30

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