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Does what we eat increase pancreatic cancer risk?

mushroom omelette cuts risk of pancreatic cancer

Mushrooms and eggs are said to cut pancreatic cancer risk

There’s been a lot in the press recently about what we eat or what medications we take and our pancreatic cancer risk. The most recent of note includes research which identified that processed meat increases risk. Another is that the anti-diabetes drug metformin reduces risk of pancreatic cancer – but only in women – and that long-term use of another group of anti-diabetes drugs, sulfonylureas will increase risk of pancreatic cancer.

And then there are the headlines – one recently in the Daily Mail was along the lines of “Why a mushroom omelette can cut pancreatic cancer risk”

A couple of years ago there was excitement about research which revealed that drinking two or more cans of sugary fizzy drinks substantially increased the risk of getting pancreatic cancer. This got (and continues to get) considerable press coverage despite the fact that it was based on only one study of around 700 people in Singapore!

I don’t know about you, but I find this ‘advice’ in the form of sensational headlines completely unhelpful. Most of the ‘findings’ do have some scientific basis and most are published in peer-reviewed academic journals. However once it has gone to the popular press, journalistic licence can take over, resulting in misleading headlines.