Flash Mobs

Flash Mob 2016 at Kings Cross Station: Are you Pancreatic Cancer Aware?

30 dancers in purple morph suits surprised and delighted commuters at Kings Cross Station as they broke out into a spontaneous performance to make people more pancreatic cancer aware on World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

The flash mob was organised by national charity Pancreatic Cancer Action, who have launched a national campaign pancreaticcanceraware.org to improve early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms. Individuals and organisations are also encouraged to sign up to the Pancreatic Cancer Aware pledge and commit to helping to spread awareness.

Read more about the day and watch the video here.

Flash Mob 2014 at St Pancras International

Pancreatic Cancer Action's 2014 Flash Mob at St Pancras International

On 11th March 2014, we teamed up with St Pancras International to highlight the mispronunciation of St ‘Pancreas’ and raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, the UK’s fifth biggest cancer killer, with an impromptu flash mob.

The performance, carried out by thirty dancers from Living the Dream Dance Company, followed a survey carried out by St Pancras International to find out how commonly people mispronounce common words.

To read more about the flash mob and watch the video, click here.