Friday 13th

World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2015 fell on Friday 13th – a day known to be unlucky for some!

Facing a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is like experiencing Friday 13th every day.  Every hour today, someone will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and they will face just a 4% chance of survival!   Can you imagine what that’s like?  Ali Stunt, a pancreatic cancer survivor, can give you an idea.

Friday 13th

Imagine experiencing the reality of Friday 13th every day!

As this World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2015 falls on Friday the 13th, a day known as being unlucky for some, we‘ve brought to light the true terror of this disease, through a movie trailer, inspired by Hollywood horror films.

Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer doesn’t need to remain a horror story, and with more awareness, more lives will be saved through early diagnosis.

Please learn about the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and share them with everyone you know so that the terrifying reality of being diagnosed with this disease becomes a thing of the past!

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