Pancreatic Cancer Aware for the general public

Decades of under-funding in pancreatic cancer research means that there are no curative treatments for pancreatic cancer on the horizon. While no early detection test exists, the key to improving survival rates is getting more patients diagnosed early by getting them to recognise the disease and its symptoms.

The site simply focuses on raising awareness of pancreatic cancer. It includes:

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Pancreatic Cancer Aware for Healthcare professionals

We know that primary care professionals play a vital role in spotting potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer to aid early diagnosis, which can significantly improve a patient’s chance of surviving the disease.

However, at Pancreatic Cancer Action, we understand that diagnosis is not always easy. This is why we have developed a section on our website which is specifically for healthcare professionals.

The section includes information on spotting key signs, symptoms and risk factors of pancreatic cancer, online training and resources including a diagnostic guide for GPs.

Awareness is needed…

There is a chronic lack of awareness of pancreatic cancer among the public and healthcare professionals:

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You can help us raise awareness by letting your local surgery know about the site and you could even order a Healthcare professional pack (free of charge) and take it to your local surgery!