Public Awareness Survey in Northern Ireland 2019

In May 2019, ahead of our Pancreatic Cancer Aware campaign, we commissioned a survey to measure public awareness of pancreatic cancer in Northern Ireland, where we received some very interesting and very shocking results. Here are just a few of our findings:

89% of people believe cancer survival rates for all cancers have significantly improved in the last 40 years.
48% believe that there are screening tests available for all cancers.
Only 15% of people would go to A&E if their skin was itchy and turning yellow.
62% of people have heard of pancreatic cancer but know nothing about the symptoms.
89% can’t name 3 risks with certainty
34% of people are too embarrassed to see the doctor
58% of people not likely to visit GP if they had indigestion
40% of people are worried about wasting the doctors time

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